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Super Fluke 5.25″ 10
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The deep belly of the Super Fluke causes it to dart, glide and knuckleball through the water, while its universal baitfish size allows it to tempt both limit-sized bass and the biggest fish on your lake. Rigged weightless, it skitters across the surface like an injured shad, but a belly-weighted hook or some insert weights allow you to employ it as deep as necessary.

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Black Red Glitter, Plum, Junebug, Moccasin Blue, Watermelon Seed, Smokin Blue, Cotton Candy, Green Pumpkin, Blueberry, Red Shad, Icicle, Black, Bubble Gum, White, Merthiolate, Glimmer Blue, White Pearl, Chartreuse Pearl, Chartreuse Glitter, Tequila Sunrise, Goldfish, Watermelon/Chart, Watermelon Red, Purple Passion, Silver Rainbow, Bluegill, Rainbow Trout, Albino, Kudzu, Blue Watermelon, Smokin Silver, Arkansas Shiner, Smokin Shad, Plum Apple, Baby Bass, Watermelon Candy, Golden Bream, Watermelon Gold Glitter, Lemon Shad, Avocado, Black Grape, Junebug Red, Watermelon Seed Pearl, Green Pumpkin Green, White Ice, Avocado/Red, Glow/Chartreuse, White Pearl/Chart, Rainbow Shad, Green Pumpkin Red, Watermelon Green Org, Japanese Bluegill, Bait Fish, Midnight Chartreuse, Blue/Pearl Hologram, Green Albino, Watermelon Red Pearl, Green Pumpkin Prp Gld, Mardi Gras, Pumpkin Slice, Watermelon Candy Red, Lightning Shad, Watermelon Magic, Green Pumpkin Magic, Green Pumpkin Blue Flash, Houdini, Disco Violet, Watermelon Red Magic, Green Pumpkin Org Glitter, Disco Green, California 420, Smokin Purple, Sprayed Grass, Blue Pearl Silver Glitter, South Africa Special, Watermelon Slice, Watermelon Violet, Purple Smoke, Crazy Chrome, Electric Shad, Green Flash, Bluegill Flash, Sexy Shad, Pro Blue Red Pearl, Silver Flash, Tennessee Shad, Sungill, Watermelon Moondust, Lavender Shad, Yabby Mudbug, Spanish Craw, Alburno Iberico, Electric Shiner, Tilapia, Fools Gold, Tilapia Magic, Birthday Cake, Bourbon Blaze, Ham Bone, Hot Zamales, Lucky Shad


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