Zoom Fish Doctor


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4″ 20
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When fish don’t seem interested in other soft plastics, make a house call with the Fish Doctor. The realistic feel and action trigger predatory instincts in fish like no other plastic bait. Each is salt- impregnated for extra bite-holding power.

When even the original Zoom Centipede is too powerful for wary bass, turn to the even slimmer Fish Doctor, a Carolina rig lure based on the old “Do Nothing” style worms. It’ll also fill livewells on a shakey head or fished wacky style, with or without weight.

Length: 4″ – 20 per pack


  • Finesse Worm
  • Symmetrical “French Fry” glides and darts with the slightest provocation
  • Salt-impregnated
  • When regular finesse isn’t enough to fill your limit, this ultra-finesse option will help you catch fish

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Green Pumpkin, June Bug, Pumpkin, Watermelon Red, Watermelon Seed


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