Yum Wooly HawgCraw 7pk


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4″ 7
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Perfect for pitching and flipping, the Yum Wooly HawgCraw delivers compact performance that beckons to big fish. Designed with an elongated front half, the Yum Wooly HawgCraw pairs perfectly with heavy-duty hooks and weights to provide a streamlined presentation that slips in-and-out of thick vegetation and timber with ease.

At the rear, the Yum Wooly HawgCraw features two flapping appendages that create an animated and highly enticing crawfish profile. Available in a number of proven colors, the Yum Wooly HawgCraw delivers top-notch performance that anglers can count on when they are looking for a big bite.

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Dark Grasshopper, Green Pumpkin, Junebug, Watermelon Red Flake


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