Yum Ned Craw


Length Quantity
2.5″ 8
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Offering a bite-sized profile that excels on ultra finesse presentations, the Yum Ned Craw is the perfect way to mimic small crawfish and entice finicky fish to bite. Molded with an extremely realistic body shape that includes a flared tail, side legs, claws, and antennae, the Yum Ned Craw produces a subtle action and the micro movements of a real live crawfish.

Great for slow presentations and colder water, the Yum Ned Craw features a solid tail section, which is ideal for rigging on any of your favorite mushroom style Ned jigheads. But it is also highly effective on a drop shot, split shot, or finesse jig. Finished with a proprietary attractant that includes a blend of enzymes and natural scents proven to trigger a feeding response, the Yum Ned Craw will give you an unfair advantage by attracting more fish than your competitors.

Length Quantity
2.5″ 8

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