Strike King Perfect Plastic Zeus Worm 9.5″


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Designed in conjunction with Strike King prostaff to create a ribbon-tail worm loaded with big bass attraction, the Strike King Perfect Plastic Zeus Worm features a thin rounded body and lively curly tail that engages with the slightest movements of the rod tip. Made using Strike King’s proprietary Perfect Plastic pouring process, the extra soft texture delivers added elasticity for maximum action, quality hook penetration, and improved hook-up ratios.

Infused with Strike King’s exclusive Coffee Scent to help mask human scents and provide additional fish attraction, the lifelike feel of their soft plastic formulation and taste of salt encourages fish to hold on longer. Perfect for Texas or Carolina rig fishing when water temperatures begin to rise, the Strike King Perfect Plastic Zeus Worm provides easy rigging with a template printed on the body of the worm.

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9.5″ 7

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Black/Blue, Dark Green Pumpkin Green, Dark Whisky, Green Pumpkin, JuneBug, Melon Bug, Plum Crazy Craw, Red Shad, Summer Craw, Watermelon Red Flk


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