Strike King Baby Sexy Frog


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The Strike King Baby Sexy Frog is a more compact, snack size version of the ever-popular Strike King KVD Sexy Frog.  This hollow belly frog may be small, but it will pack a punch on those bass that are keying in on smaller forage or would prefer a finesse presentation due to heavy fishing pressure.

The Strike King Baby Sexy Frog comes equipped with a premium black nickel double frog hook. This hook is sticky sharp and well positioned along the contoured body of this frog to make it almost completely weedless through even the thickest cover.  This frog can be effectively fished in open water or weed mats as its keeled underside will allow for it to be walked with ease.

Available in a proven selection of fish catching colors, the Strike King Baby Sexy Frog is sure to become one of your favorite lane makers on the mat this coming frog season!

Strike King Length w. Tail Weight
Baby Sexy Frog 4″ 1/3oz

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Black, Bone, Bottoms Up, Bullfrog, Darter Frog, Green Pump/Pearl Belly, Kamikaze, Leopard Frog, Pearl, Psycho Toad, Sexy Frog, Spotted Frog, Spring Frog, Stump Jumper, Tiger


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