Spro John Crews Little John DD 70 Crankbait 3/4oz


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The Spro Little John DD “Deep Diving” Crankbaits take the winning Little John Crankbait formula into the dark depths. Spro and elite bass pro John Crews designed the Little John DD to dive down to an amazing 20 ft with ease. The Little John DD has a bill that is pointed slightly downward, allowing it bounce off cover without losing depth and track straight along the bottom without kicking out wildly. A unique Tungsten weight transfer system and aerodynamic streamline design allows the angler to launch the Little John DD an incredible distance and creates an ideal balance in the water. The Spro Little John DD Crankbaits are available in an array of proven fish catching colors and come standard with sticky, sharp Gamakatsu hooks.

“I designed the DD John to be the best deep diving crank bait ever created!” – John Crews, Bassmaster Elite Tour Pro.

Length Weight Depth
2.75in 3/4oz 16-20ft

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