Norman DD22 Crankbait


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When bass anglers talk about successful crankbaits, you can be sure that the Norman DD22 Crankbait will be included in the discussion. These crankbaits have been around for a long time and are proven fish catchers. Reaching up to 18+ feet on a long cast, the Norman DD22 Crankbaits feature a precisely angled bill that creates a naturalized attitude, enabling them to come through and over obstructions easily. If hang ups do occur, the Norman DD22 Crankbait floats backwards when paused, which works to free it from potential snags.

Perfect for targeting deep ledges and brush piles, the Norman DD22 Crankbait is built with a butyrate body and a boisterous rattle system that works to create a distinct acoustic profile. Head and shoulders above other crankbaits in terms of detail, the Norman DD22 Crankbait features deep lustrous finishes and a huge variety of colors. Backed by two razor-sharp treble hooks, the Norman DD22 Crankbait offers a time-tested action, exceptional value, and true tournament-winning performance.

Length Weight Depth Class Hook Size
3″ 5/8oz 15-18ft Floating #2


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