Nichols Rado Series Double Colorado Spinnerbait


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Ideal for low light or muddy water conditions, the Nichols Lures Rado Series Spinnerbait offers the highest amount of thump in the Nichols Lures spinnerbait lineup. Featuring a premium double Colorado blade configuration to maximize water displacement that will be sure to garner any fish’s attention. Equipped with a glittery tapered head and features a stout Mustad Hook for superb hook-setting power. Finished with 3D eyes and premium skirting material in proven fish catching colors, the Nichols Lures Rado Series Spinnerbait delivers tournament-caliber performance that is a cut above your standard-issue spinnerbait. All Nichols Lures are stamped, plated, painted, and assembled right here in the USA.

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Bluegill DBL Colorado Chart/Gold, Bluegill DBL Colorado Gld/Gld, Bluegill DBL Colorado Red/Gold, Citrus Shad DBL Colorado Chart/Gold, Citrus Shad DBL Colorado Gld/Gld, Citrus Shad DBL Colorado Red/Gold, Coleslaw DBL Colorado Chart/Gold, Coleslaw DBL Colorado Gld/Gld, Coleslaw DBL Colorado Red/Gold, Snow DBL Colorado Chart/Gold, Snow DBL Colorado Gld/Gld, Snow DBL Colorado Red/Gold, White & Chartreuse DBL Colorado Chart/Gold, White & Chartreuse DBL Colorado Gld/Gld, White & Chartreuse DBL Colorado Red/Gold


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