Nichols Buddy Gross Craft Jig


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Engineered to excel with long casts and low-stretch fluorocarbon lines, the Nichols Buddy Gross Craft Jig is the perfect tool for navigating offshore structure and cover. Born out of tireless research and development by Elite Series Angler Buddy Gross, the jig features the perfect combination of hook diameter and weed guard stiffness to maximize angler’s hook-up ratios while efficiently shedding vegetation.

To enhance the jig’s longevity and fish-attracting performance, the Nichols Buddy Gross Craft Jig boasts a durable and detailed paint scheme on the head with recessed 3D holographic eyes. Supporting the exceptional detailing in the head is an expertly matched fine-cut skirt that flows and pulsates with every drag and hop. A wire keeper backs up against the sticky-sharp hook to secure your favorite plastic trailer without the need for messy glues. Built to be worked slowly around brush and cover, the Nichols Buddy Gross Craft Jig is a dynamite offering available in all of Buddy’s favorite colors.

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BG Blue, BG Green, Black Blue, Bluegill, Green Pumpkin, Purple Haze


1/2, 3/4


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