NetBait STH BaitFuel Crush Worm 10pk


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Designed to be one of the most life-like baits available on the market today, the Netbait STH BaitFuel Crush Worm leverages super-soft, hand-poured, high-floating plastic and BaitFuel’s X55 powerful scent formula to improve your catch rate in tough conditions. Using a revolutionary manufacturing process to supercharge traditional soft baits, BaitFuel powered baits are made with a water-based gel scent to produce a large scent cloud that accurately mimics the smell and taste of real prey.

Perfect for pairing with a dropshot or your favorite compact shakey head, the Netbait STH BaitFuel Crush Worm delivers optimal performance using an extremely subtle technique with minimal rod tip movement, dead sticking, and slight twitches. Providing anglers with the latest in fishing technology and innovation, the Netbait STH BaitFuel Crush Worm delivers the ultimate combination of natural action, high-quality soft plastic, and powerful scent attractants to get fish to bite and hang on!

Length Quantity
3″ 10
3.75″ 10

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3", 3.75"


Bang, Dark Smelt, Green Pumpkin, Grey Ghost, Juvenile Bogy Pearl, Killer Pumpkin, LON Goby Pearl, Magic Chart, Midnight Green, Naked Perch, Smokin Joe, Whaat, White


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