Daiwa Zillion Casting Rods


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Packed with cutting-edge features, Daiwa Zillion Bass Rods are built to help anglers experience the next level of bass fishing excellence. The Carbon MQ Grip, a cornerstone of these rods, not only reduces overall weight but greatly enhances sensitivity, ensuring you feel the slightest bites when fish are acting sluggish or finicky. This feature also provides unparalleled control and comfort during extended casting and retrieving sessions, reducing fatigue and allowing you to stay focused on the water.

Carefully engineered for the Zillion series, the Flex Light blank carefully strikes a perfect balance between power and sensitivity, boasting responsiveness and strength thanks to Daiwa’s proprietary SVF Nanoplus technology. With X45 technology, you’ll minimize rod twist during casting so you can make longer, more accurate casts, reaching elusive bass with precision. The Air Sensor Seat and Fuji K Guide system further contribute to the Zillion’s advanced design, enhancing sensitivity by minimizing contact points with your hand, and ensuring smooth line management, reducing friction and preventing tangles for a seamless angling experience. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or embarking on your bass fishing journey, Daiwa Zillion Bass Rods stand as a testament to top-tier performance, sensitivity, and control, allowing be victorious on the water regardless of the situation.

– Carbon MQ Grip
– Flex Light blank
– SVF Nanoplus and X45 technology
– Air Sensor Seat
– Fuji K Guide system
-Limited 5-year Warranty


Model Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Length
ZLON661MXB Extra Fast 6-17lb 1/8-5/8oz 9+Tip 15-1/4″
ZLON681MRBFL Regular 6-17lb 1/8-3/4oz 9+Tip
ZLON6101MHRBFL Regular 10-20lb 1/4-1oz 9+Tip
ZLON701MLMRBFL Regular 6-14lb 1/8-1/2oz 9+Tip
ZLON721MFB Fast 8-17lb 3/16-3/4oz 10+Tip 15-1/4″
ZLON721HFB Fast 10-25lb 3/8-1 1/2oz 9+Tip 15-1/4″
ZLON731MHFB Fast 10-20lb 1/4-1oz 9+Tip 15-1/4″
ZLON731HRBFL Regular 12-25lb 3/8-1 1/2oz 9+Tip
ZLON751MHHFB Fast 10-25lb 1/4-1 1/2oz 9+Tip 15-1/2″
ZLON761HFB Fast 10-25lb 3/8-1 1/2oz 9+Tip 15-1/4″
ZLON791HRB Regular 15-40lb 1-4oz 9+Tip 15-1/2″

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