Jackall Bounty Fish Soft Jerkbait


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Created for fishing over vegetative cover with the signature walk-the-dog style action, the Jackall Bounty Fish Soft Jerkbait allows anglers to fish a topwater in areas that simply can’t be done with hardbaits. This soft jerkbait-style lure features a heavily ribbed body section to grab water and slow down your retrieve, so it’s easier to keep the lure in the strike zone longer and trigger aggressive bites.

An innovative Net-Joint system doesn’t just allow the Bounty Fish to walk with ease, but it also enables its fork tail to flutter and quiver erratically even on a dead stick. For increased versatility anglers can also add a nail weight to the nose so it can be fished with a slow sink when the fish are less eager to breach the surface under a mat. Available in a range of proven fish-catching colors, the Jackall Bounty Fish Soft Jerkbait provides more opportunities for you to throw a topwater with a baitfish profile.

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Cover Side Shad, Dark Green Pumpkin Blue, Prism Shad, Strong Black, Watermelon Pepper, White Shad


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