Hayabusa WRM114HD Round Bend Offset Hooks


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A beefed-up version of Hayabusa’s traditional offset worm hook, the Hayabusa WRM114HD Round Bend Offset Hook provides heavy-duty performance for targeting larger fish in heavy cover when power is essential. Made from a super strong thick wire, the Hayabusa WRM114HD Round Bend Offset Hook features a classic round bend design that keeps fish pinned once they’re hooked so you land more fish. Its offset shank also allows anglers to rig soft plastics perfectly inline for a weedless profile and prevent the bait from sliding down the hook shank during hooksets.

Hayabusa’s silky smooth NRB (Non-Reflective Black) Fluorine Coating dramatically enhances hook-setting performance as well, and it also camouflages the hook for a more natural presentation. Finished with a fully closed eye to prevent line friction and slippage, the Hayabusa WRM114HD Round Bend Offset Hook is a great all-purpose heavy-duty hook that will help you catch bigger fish in heavier cover.

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