Hayabusa WRM114 Round Bend Offset Hooks


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Imported directly from Japan and delivering samurai sword sharpness, the Hayabusa WRM114 Round Bend Offset Hook is one of the most versatile hooks around, and one that should have a place in every angler’s tackle box. Perfect for a variety of bass fishing applications, it features a classic, round bend design that keeps fish pinned once they’re hooked, so you don’t have to worry about losing fish. It also comes equipped with an offset shank that allows anglers to rig a wide range of soft plastic baits and keep them perfectly inline and weedless, while also preventing your baits from sliding down the hook shank and tearing during hooksets.

Hayabusa’s silky smooth NRB (Non-Reflective Black) Fluorine Coating dramatically enhances hook-setting performance as well, and it also camouflages the hook for a more natural presentation.  Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a weekend warrior, if you could only have one hook in your tackle box, the Hayabusa WRM114 Round Bend Offset Hook is the one that you shouldn’t leave home without.

Hayabusa – the pride of Japan – has been manufacturing uncompromising, high quality hooks since 1958.

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