Hayabusa FPP Straight HD Worm Hooks


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Engineered to flip, pitch, and punch for big bass, the Hayabusa FPP Straight HD Worm Hook is the perfect hook for all types of heavy cover fishing. Whether you’re dissecting shallow weed beds, deep hydrilla, or brush piles, the Hayabusa FPP Straight HD Worm Hook features a heavy wire construction and was meticulously designed to provide the perfect balance between gap width and shank length, resulting in a hook that delivers incredible strength and superior hook setting performance. Its super strong and razor sharp hook point also delivers lightning fast hook penetration, which is crucial when flipping bass in heavy cover, while its welded eyelet keeps your knot in an optimal position and allows anglers to effectively utilize a snell knot. An innovative Loop Stopper bait keeper tied from heavy test monofilament holds plastics in place without tearing them like sharp barbed keepers as well. Offered in a range of sizes that are ideal for any type of soft plastic, the Hayabusa FPP Straight HD Worm Hook delivers technique specific performance that will help you catch more fish and save more plastics when flipping heavy cover.

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