Gamakatsu Crappie Jig Head


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Perfect for ultra light line finesse applications, the Gamakatsu Crappie Jig Head is focused on tournament crappie angling but can be used for almost any type of finesse style of fishing. Molded with a rounded ball head, the Gamakatsu Crappie Jig Head comes over all forms of structure with great efficiently while minimizing snagging. The Gamakatsu Crappie Jig Head also features a heavy-duty spring lock keeper that holds your soft plastics in place with glue-like force and a razor sharp #2 light wire hook to provide effortless hook penetration. Finished with a smooth eyelet that won’t burr even the lightest lines, the Gamakatsu Crappie Jig Head is a must-have for every finesse angler.

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