Dirty Jigs Tour Level Finesse Football Jig


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When fishing clear and deep water, the use of very realistic and detailed soft plastics has become the norm. Dirty Jigs now provides the same option in a jig with their Tour Level Finesse Football Jig. Premium powder coat finishes provide added realism and the skirts come full length, giving you the option to use the full skirt or trim the front to achieve a slim spider-cut profile. Also featuring a 60-degree flat line-eye Gamakatsu 4/0 Jig Hook, the Dirty Jigs Tour Level Finesse Football Jig is a proven performer available at a great price.

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Alabama Bream, Alabama Craw, Bever Craw, Black & Blue, Black Blue Purple, Blackend Blue, Bluegill, Bluegill 2, Brown Craw, Canterbury Craw, Canterbury Crunch, Crystal River Craw, Definite Watermelon, Dirty 420, Dirty Chartreuse, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Candy, Green Pumpkin Craw, Hammerbury Craw, Hematoma, Magic Craw, Magic Craw Red, Matt's Mixup, Molting Craw, Money, NorCal Craw, Okeechobee 420, Okeechobee Craw, Old School, Pay Day, PB&J, Pond Bug, Purple Pond Bug, Spring Craw, Super Matt Brown, The Go To, War Mouth


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