Big Bite Baits Russ Lane – YoDaddy Craw 8pk


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Designed by Bassmaster Elite Series veteran pro, Russ Lane, the Big Bite Baits YoDaddy is part of his new signatures series of baits. There were a couple of key features he wanted to incorporate into the bait. For one, he wanted a bait that could be flipped and fished in heavy cover, but would give anglers a higher hooking percentage.

Built around a 5/0 straight shank Gamakatsu heavy flipping hook, Lane took into consideration how the YoDaddy would sit on the hook and how the hook point would come out of the bait to maximize hook penetration and raise your odds of getting bass out of heavy cover. He also wanted a bait that produced a lot of action with minimal movement.

Big Bite and Russ ended up squaring off the ends of the claws to make it easier to get them flapping and the legs move with the slightest rod movement. Available in several proven color combinations, the Big Bite Baits YoDaddy is a multi-purpose bait that also works great as a trailer on a swim jig or football jig.

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3.5″ 8


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Black Blue Flk/Saphire Laminate, Black Neon, Craw Orange Swirl, Crawdad, Easy Money, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Blue Swirl, Hematoma, Okeechobee Craw, Watermelon Red Flk, Watermelon Red Ghost


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