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Unlike traditional frogs, the Big Bite Bait Fighting Frog is designed to be flipped, pitched, Carolina rigged or used as a jig trailer. Frogs have always been used as topwater baits. The Fighting Frog takes frogs to a whole new level of fishing and is a new type of flipping bait. This frog is made to be used below the surface and give fish a new and realistic look. The Fighting Frog features a compact body with small front legs for subtle action and larger back legs that have a great swimming action. When fished with a light weight, the Fighting Frog has a natural gliding action on the fall or a heavy weight can be used for faster presentations. It is also the perfect follow up bait when you miss a strike on a topwater frog.

One of the most important features of the Fighting Frog is the innovative new design of pockets and grooves. The Fighting Frog has hook pockets on the top and bottom, but the key is additional grooves on the sides. These channels and grooves prevent the bait from balling up on the hook and interfering with hooksets.

“I am very excited about this bait. There is nothing like it on the market and it is a brand new concept. The design of the bait allows it to collapse for maximum hook penetration. It has great action in the water and we have some great colors, I can’t wait to use the Fighting Frog this year on the Elite Series.”

-Dean Rojas

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