Big Bite Baits B6 Line Thru Swimbait


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A ready-to-fish line-thru swimbait available at a serious value for any angler, the Big Bite Baits B6 Line Thru Swimbait delivers hard-kicking tail action when retrieved at any speed. Poured with an anatomically correct injected body and large paddle tail, the B6 Line Thru Swimbait produces an exaggerated side-to-side body roll and a wide tail swinging action that triggers a predatory response from bass to strike.

The unique weighted tube system allows anglers to fish this swimbait deep in the water column, conveniently pass line thru for easy rigging, and make the swimbait slide up the line once the fish is hooked to reduce leverage during the fight. Including a razor-sharp Gamakatsu treble hook for reliable penetration, the Big Bite Baits B6 Line Thru Swimbait is assembled in clamshell packaging to ensure the tail remains straight during storage.

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6″ 1

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Bling, Blue Gizzard, Citrus Shad, Gizzard Shad, Hitch, Light Shad, Pearly Shad, Sunny Shad


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