Berkley Trilene Big Game Line Clear


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Built with all of the strength and abrasion resistance as the original, the Berkley Trilene Big Game in Clear offers more versatility and allows anglers to go after big fish in a wide range of water conditions. Designed to hold tough against rough or sharp objects, Berkley Trilene Big Game in Clear has been developed by Berkley’s engineers to counteract the tricks used by larger, more seasoned fish. When going toe-to-toe with big fish, Berkley Trilene Big Game in Clear possesses a controlled stretch that gives anglers extra-fighting power and added shock resistance. In addition, the Berkley Trilene Big Game also possesses outstanding knot strength and has all the attributes necessary to land that lunker-of-a-lifetime.

Line Dia.   8lb   10lb    12lb   15lb   20lb   25lb   30lb
Inches .011 .012 .014 .015 .018 .019 .022
Millimeters .28 .31 .36 .38 .46 .48 .55


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8lb 1700yds, 10lb 1500yd, 12lb 1175yd, 15lb 900yd, 20lb 650yd, 25lb 595yd, 30lb 440yd


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