Berkley Powerbait 4″ Power Worm


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The four inch Berkley Power Worms feature the legendary Berkley scent that is molded throughout each worm. The scientific formula that each worm is impregnated with gives fish a taste that makes them hold on to the worm many times longer than they would with regular plastic or salted worms. That means when you get bit with a Berkley Power Worm you have more time to detect the strike and set the hook. The sharp curl in the tail will give these Power Worms bass attracting action even with the very slow retrieves necessary when the bite is tough or the water is cold. Try them with a dropshot rig , or any finesse rig you like, to give yourself the Berkley advantage.

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Black, Black/Chartreuse, Blue Fleck, Camo, Green Pumpkin, Motor Oil, Pumpkin/Chartreuse, Pumpkinseed, Purple, Red Shad, Tequila Sunrise, Watermelon Red Glitter


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