Berkley Powerbait 12″ Power Worms


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One of Berkley’s all-time best selling designs, the Berkley Powerbait 12″ Power Worm offers a big profile and plenty of bulk for attracting those kicker fish. A great choice when bass are hitting soft plastics but you want to weed out the smaller ones, its ribbon tail swims naturally on the fall, and its soft but firm texture is irresistible to fish. Also loaded with Berkley’s famous Powerbait formula for added fish attraction, the Berkley Powerbait 12″ Power Worm is available in several proven colors.

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Black, Black Blue Fleck, Black Grape, Black/Blue, Bloodline, Blue Fleck, Fire/Ice, Green Pumpkin, Motoroil Red Flake, Plum, Plum Apple, Pumpkin Chartruese, Red Shad, Watermelon Chart., Watermelon Red


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