Zoom Shimmer Shad


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4.25″ 5pk
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Redefining shad-imitating profiles, the Zoom Shimmer Shad is a revolutionary soft plastic that excels in a variety of situations, especially when traditional moving baits or baitfish imitators aren’t producing. With a classic slim baitfish head design, the innovative Shimmer Shad features a ribbed skeletal design and fork shaped tail that quiver enticingly with subtle movement. Thread the Shimmer Shad down the hook shank of your favorite bladed jig, spinnerbait, buzzbait, or jighead, to add a natural back-and-forth swimming action and drastically enhance your chances of getting bites in tough situations. Available in a variety of Zoom’s natural fish-catching color patterns, prepare to set the hook on giant bass by adding the Zoom Shimmer Shad to your bladed jig trailer and baitfish imitator arsenal.

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Green Pumpkin, White, Black/Blue, Albino, Blue/Pearl Hologram, Green Pumpkin/Pearl, Disco Green, Purple Smoke, Electric Shad, Tennessee Shad, Sight Flash, Hot Zamales, Toxic Shad


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