Zoom Finesse Worm


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4.5″ 20
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Zoom Finesse Worms are unstoppable when Texas or Carolina-rigged. The Finesse is a smaller version of Zoom’s trick worm and this 4.5″ worm is ideal for colder water, finicky fish, and situations of high fishing pressure.

Length: 4.5″ – 20 per pack.

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Black Red Glitter, Plum, Junebug, Motoroil/Chartreuse, Chartreuse Pepper, Smoke Purple, Chartreuse Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Gourd Green, Cherry Seed, Watermelon Seed, Red Bug, Smoking Blue, Cotton Candy, Green Pumpkin, Blueberry, Red Shad, Sand, Icicle, Black, Bubble Gum, White, Merthiolate, White Pearl, Watermelon/Chart, Watermelon Red, Purple Passion, Old Purple, Tomato Seed, Natural Blue, Black Blue Bruiser, Strawberry, Black Sapphire, Kudzu, Blue Watermelon, Green Pumpkin/Chart, Smokin Shad, Sapphire Blue, Plum Apple, Seedless Watermelon, Baby Bass, Motoroil, Watermelon Candy, Junebug/Chartreuse, Watermelon Prp Glitter, Watermelon Gold Glitter, Avocado, Grasshopper, Black Grape, Flesh, Junebug Red, Banana Seed, Green Pumpkin Green, Castaic Choice, Green Pumpkin Red, Flesh Red, Japanese Bluegill, Bait Fish, PB&J, Green Pumpkin/Pearl, Green Pumpkin Blue, Candy Bug, Green Pumpkin Purple, Green Pumpkin Prp Gold, Watermelon Red Tomato, Kiwi, Alabama Craw, Bullfrog, Mardi Gras, Watermelon Red/Chart, Red Bug Shad, Green Pumpkin Candy, Watermelon Candy Red, Watermelon Magic, Green Pumpkin Magic, Plum Crazy, Green Weenie, Blue Fleck, Green Pumpkin Blue Flash, Scuppernong Blue, Houdini, Summer Craw, Green Pumpkin Gold, Watermelon Red Magic, Green Pumpkin Org Glitter, California 420, Morning Dawn, Smokin Purple, Disco Candy, Scuppernong Green, Sprayed Grass, Georgia Craw, Green Pumpkin Candy Red, South Africa Special, Green Pumpkin Tomato, Watermelon Slice, Gooseberry, Watermelon Violet, Green Pump Purple Green, Electric Shad, Green Flash, Sungill, Watermelon Moondust, Lavender Shad, Yabby Mudbug, Tilapia, Killer Dawn, Fools Gold, Huckleberry, Birthday Cake, Bourbon Blaze, Cranberry


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