Z-Man TRD TicklerZ


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The culmination of nearly a decade of testing various Ned-rig profiles to achieve the perfect Midwest finesse bait, the Z-Man TRD TicklerZ are designed to trigger bites in the toughest conditions. Made from Z-Man’s 10x tough ElaZtech material, the Z-Man TRD TicklerZ stand up off the bottom and features tail tentacles that spread apart at a 45-degree angle to produce a tantalizing action with minimal bait movement and tempt the most finicky of fish into biting. They also feature a dimpled surface and are impregnated with salt, which creates a natural texture and taste that makes fish hold on longer than other soft plastics. Finished with a flat head that matches up seamlessly with any of your favorite finesse heads, the Z-Man TRD TicklerZ are available in Z-Man’s wide selection of innovative fish catching colors.

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Black Blue, Bubble Gut, California Craw, Canada Craw, Coppertreuse, Drew's Craw, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Orange, Hot Snakes, Houdini, Junebug, Laguna Shrimp, Mood Ring, Pearl, Purple Death, Smelt, Sprayed Grass, The Deal


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