Z-Man Shad Fryz Micro Finesse 8pk


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Poured with a wide body to accurately mimic the shape of shad and panfish fry, the Z-Man Shad Fryz shine during the post-spawn with a bite-sized swimbait profile that’s ideal for a variety of micro finesse applications. Perfect for pairing with the Z-Man Micro Finesse Shroomz jigheads, the diminutive size of the Z-Man Shad Fryz appeals to a wide range of species including bass, crappie, panfish, trout, perch, and more!

Featuring a 10X Tough Elaztech construction for extreme durability, the incredibly soft material enables life-like swimming action superior to other soft swimbaits, and the tail kicks energetically on the fall and with slow to extra fast retrieve speeds. Built with a segmented body and paddle tail with fine fin details, the Z-Man Shad Fryz provide a realistic baitfish presentation that will get bites even when the fish are highly pressured.

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1.75″ 8

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Blue Glimmer Sparkle, Bumblebee, Coconut Ice Glow, Dark N Stormy, Electric Chicken, Napalm, Purple Death


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