Z-Man Micro Finesse TRD 8pk


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Featuring a minimalist stickbait profile that has proven irresistible to a variety of gamefish, the Z-Man Micro TRD is a downsized version of the ever-popular Finesse TRD and is perfect for tough conditions and micro finesse applications. Designed to pair seamlessly with the Z-Man Micro Finesse Shroomz jigheads, the subtle action of the Z-Man Micro TRD makes it ideal for persuading finicky fish to bite even when they are under high pressure.

Poured from 10X Tough Elaztech plastic for extreme durability, the innovative material resists nicks, cuts, and tears to ensure anglers catch more fish without having to constantly replace them. Incredibly effective for a wide array of species including bass, crappie, panfish, trout, perch, and more, the high buoyancy of Elaztech allows the Z-Man Micro TRD to naturally float up off the bottom and entice bites when at rest.

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1.75″ 8

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