Yum YUMbrella Money Head Jigs 5pk


1/8oz 3/0
3/16oz 3/0
1/4oz 5/0
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The Yum YUMbrella Money Head Jigs are designed specifically for the multi-bait rigs like the YUMbrella rig. Offered in a baitfish profile head with a tough gloss overcoat, the Money Head Jigs are ideal for rigging the YUM Money Minnow and other similar paddle tail swimbaits. A narrow head shape provides maximum swimbait swimming action. Backed with a strong sticky sharp wide gap hook, the YUM YUMbrella Money Head Jigs are available in two sizes, 3/16oz and 1/4oz.

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3/0, 5/0


1/8oz, 3/16oz, 1/4oz


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