Yum Tip Toad


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Designed to dominate the buzz frog market, the Yum Tip Toad combines several key features to give anglers the ultimate blend of performance and all out attraction. Carefully sculpted and precisely placed, the Yum Tip Toad’s legs have undergone round after round of refinement to ensure maximum water displacement and create the acoustic equivalent of fleeing prey.

Precisely shaped to generate lift in a hurry, the Yum Tip Toad gets up on plane quickly, so you get the most out of every turn of the reel handle. Along the back, the Yum Tip Toad is molded with hook bend placement notches that ensure proper rigging with 4/0 and 5/0 frog hooks. Offered in a range of pro-selected color patterns, the Yum Tip Toad is sure to be a mainstay among topwater anglers.

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Black, Bullfrog, Green Pumpkin, Snot Rocket, Summer Gill, Watermelon Pearl, Watermelon Red Flake, White


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