Yum Ned Minnow


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Absolutely deadly during those times when you need to downsize your presentation and utilize a more subtle approach, the Yum Ned Minnow perfectly mimics the profile and swimming motion of a small baitfish that all bass love to feed on. Molded with an anatomically accurate body shape that includes 3D fins, textured scales, and a vertically forked tail, the Yum Ned Minnow features two opposite facing tail flanges, which produce a very natural kicking action that is not too wide or unnatural like most soft plastics on the market.

Built with a flat nose, the Yum Ned Minnow is perfect for rigging on any of your favorite mushroom style Ned jigheads, but it is also a great option for a drop shot or even a small scrounger jig as well. Complete with a healthy dose of Yum’s proprietary attractant that includes a blend of enzymes and natural scents proven to trigger a feeding response, the Yum Ned Minnow is a must-have for Ned rig aficionados.

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