Yum Ned Dinger 8pk


 Length Quantity
 3″ 8
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Channeling all of the winning performance of Yum’s original Dinger, the Yum Ned Dinger offers a slightly smaller profile that excels with finesse techniques, like ned-rigging. Molded to pair perfectly with a wide-range of mushroom-style heads, the Yum Ned Dinger features a straight body construction that generates a very subtle, yet undeniably effective action.

Taking attraction a step further, the Yum Ned Dinger features a hollowed-out tail, which allows anglers to quickly apply a rattle or insert their own scent to create long-lasting attraction. Offered in a number of premium colors, the Yum Ned Dinger delivers all of the proven attraction of the original Dinger – now in a downsized package that is especially effective around light-feeding fish.

 Length Quantity
 3″ 8

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Amber Green Flake, RS Brown, Soft Black Blue Flake, Soft Green Pumpkin, Soft Watermelon Blue Flake, Soft Watermelon Pearl, Soft Watermelon Red Flake


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