Yum Mighty Worm


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10.5″ 5
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Providing the type of oversized attraction that big bass crave, the Yum Mighty Worm delivers a sizable straight tail design that calls to kicker fish. Whether it is threaded on a jig head, Texas-rig, Carolina-rig, or fished weightless, the Yum Mighty Worm writhes and dances with substantial, yet subtle attraction.

Poured with a proprietary blend of natural attractants, the Yum Mighty Worm is infused with a scent that has been scientifically proven to trigger a feeding response. Offered in a range of proven colors, the Yum Mighty Worm delivers plus-sized attraction that produces even bigger results.

Length Quantity
10.5″ 5

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Green Pumpkin, Junebug, Plum, Red Bug, Watermelon Red Flake


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