Yum Magnum Finesse Worm


Length Quantity
7.5″ 7
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When you need a beefed up finesse worm for shakey heads, Texas-rigs, Carolina-rigs or the tournament-proven neko rig, the Yum Magnum Finesse Worm is a premier choice. Built with bulbous tail and exaggerated ribbing, the Yum Magnum Finesse Worm pushes more water to produce bites when other worms get passed up. Offered in a number of premium Yum colors, the Yum Magnum Finesse Worm delivers an up-sized profile and an unbeatable versatility that simply outperforms other worms.

Length Quantity
7.5″ 7

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Elders Magic, Ghillie Suit, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Purple, Junebug, Onyx, Plum, Red Bug, Watermelon Red Flake


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