Yum Finesse Worm 12pk


Length Quantity
5″ 12
6.5″ 12
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When you absolutely have to get a bite, the Yum Finesse Worm will put fish in the boat. Featuring a slender body with a bulbous tail, it produces an exaggerated wiggling action with the slightest movement of the rod tip. The Finesse Worm is also extremely versatile and can be used on a shakey head, Carolina-rig, drop shot, or the newly popular Neko rig with a nail weight in the head.

Poured with a proprietary blend of enzymes and natural attractants, the Yum Finesse Worm is infused with a scent that has been scientifically proven to trigger a feeding response in fish. Available in a range of classic bass catching colors, the Yum Finesse Worm needs to be in every anglers’ tackle box.

Length Quantity
5″ 12
6.5″ 12

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5", 6.5"


Ghillie Suit, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Purple, Junebug, Plum, Watermelon Red Flake, Watermelon Seed


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