Yamamoto Single Tail Grubs


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4″ 20


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The Yamamoto Single Tail Grubs have been a classic bait for years for a reason. One of the most versatile baits ever created, they can be rigged a variety of ways and catch fish year around. Fish them alone or as a spinnerbait, buzzbait or jig trailer, the Yamamoto Single Tail Grubs have a proven action that fish can’t resist.

The 4″ 40-series Single Tail Grub catches incredible numbers of small to medium bass, plus the occasional hawg.

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Baby Bass, Black, Blue Pearl Sv Flk, Blue Pearl w/lg Blk&Holo, Chart w/Green & Chart, Chartreuse Black Flake, Chartreuse Ch Flk, Chartreuse Grn & Chart Flk, Chartreuse Sv Flk, Cinnamon Bk & Pr Flk, Cinnamon Lg Bl Flk, Clear Bl Flk, Cream White, Dark Pumpkin Lg Bk Flk, Fading Watermelon, Fading Watermelon w/ Bk Flk, Grn Pumpkin Bk Flk, Lemon, Luminous White, Natural Shad, Pumpkin Bk & Gn Flk, Rootbeer Rd & Gd Flk, Smoke, Smoke Bk & Sv Flk, Smoke Bk Flk, Smoke Black & Purple Flake, Smoke Blk Blu Chart Flk, Smoke Rd Flk, Watermelon Bk & Rd Flk, Watermelon Bk Flk


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