Yamamoto Kreature 7pk


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The Yamamoto Kreature is all business. Like all baits from Yamamoto, the Kreature is loaded with salt and available in time tested fish-catching colors that will fill up the livewell in a hurry. The Yamamoto Kreature bait also produces a potent action that drives fish wild. The front ‘arms’ start right at the top of the bait, and the end of the bait is nothing but free flowing tentacles that will attract plenty of attention. The Yamamoto Kreature also features flaps along the sides for more water movement. These Yamamoto Kreature baits are great for flipping and pitching on a Texas-rig or weightless on a big hook. Need a BIG trailer for a jig? Try the Yamamoto Kreature. Want a BIG bait to shake on a Texas-rig? The Kreature from Yamamoto will do the trick. The Yamamoto Kreature is already a proven fish catcher, tested and proven by Yamamoto’s pro staff. For best results try using a shorter shank hook like the Owner Rig-N-Hook or the Gamakatsu G-Lock Hook in 2/0 or 3/0 sizes.

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4″ 7

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Black Blue Flk, Black Sm Red Flk, Black/Blue Flake Blue Skirt, Black/Blue Flk Chart. Skirt, Cinnamon Bk & Pr Flk, Fading Watermelon w/ Bk Flk, Grn Pump Purple & Copper Flk, Grn Pumpkin Bk Flk, Grn Pumpkin Green & Purple, June Bug, Pumpkin Bk & Gn Flk, Watermelon Bk & Rd Flk, Watermelon w/Blk&Gld, Fire Craw


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