Yamamoto 5″ Slink-O Floater


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Unlike any other bait in the Yamamoto line-up, the Yamamoto 5” Slink-O Floater provides a unique action that is great for multiple applications so that you can catch more fish. Featuring a heavily ribbed body while maintaining a classic Senko profile, the Yamamoto 5” Slink-O Floater traps air when it hits the water and releases an enticing bubble trail as it moves through the water column, giving it a more lifelike presentation. It is also made from Yamamoto’s Mega Floater Formula, which allows the tail to stand up vertically and dance when rigged on jigheads, shakey heads, Ned rigs, and Neko rigs. It will float up off the bottom and stay in the strike zone when rigged on a Carolina-rig as well. A must-have for every tackle box, the Yamamoto 5” Slink-O Floater is available in a wide selection of Yamamoto’s custom colors that have been catching fish for decades.

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