Yamamoto 3″ Shad Shape Worm


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Born by popular demand from Yamamoto pro-staff and customers, the Yamamoto 3” Shad Shape Worm utilizes the same exact shape as the original Shad Shaped Worm but in a smaller profile that is absolutely deadly in certain scenarios. Perfect for ultra-clear water, highly pressured fish, or when the bass are targeting smaller baitfish, the Yamamoto 3” Shad Shape Worm features a ribbed body that tapers down to a super thin pintail, which produces an incredibly subtle quivering action bass can’t resist. Super versatile as well, it’s perfect for drop shot fishing, but is also great for Damiki rigs, small jigheads, Ned rigs, and small scrounger heads. Poured in a wide assortment of Yamamoto’s signature colors, the Yamamoto 3” Shad Shape Worm is ideal for tough fishing conditions.

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3″ 10

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Baby Bass, Blue Pearl Sv Flk, Chart Electric Blue, Goby, Green Gizzard, Grn Pumpkin Bk Flk, Grn Pumpkin Green & Purple, Hologram Gold Black, LT Grn Pmp Lg Grn Prp, Monster Shad, Natural Shad, Perch, Pro Blue, Sexy Shad, Smallmouth Magic, Watermelon Bk & Rd Flk, Watermelon Cream Laminate


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