Yamamoto 3″ Ned Senko Floater


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Specifically designed for Ned rigging, the Yamamoto 3” Ned Senko Floater offers the same legendary action that Yamamoto baits are known for but meticulously tuned to be the best Ned bait on the market. Made using a floating formula of plastic, the Yamamoto 3” Ned Senko Floater provides a subtle quivering action and ultra soft texture, just like the original Senko, but is able to float tail up when rigged on a jighead to entice wary fish into biting. The flat head and tapered tail also match up seamlessly with a wide selection of Ned jig heads to create a perfect streamlined Ned rig profile. Available in a range of Yamamoto’s custom colors that are unmatched by any other soft plastics, the Yamamoto 3” Ned Senko Floater will become your new go-to Ned rig bait.

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3″ 10

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