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Expanding on the wildly popular Tokyo Rig, the all-new VMC Tokyo Rig Finesse Neko Rig is a game-changing way to present your favorite finesse plastics and target finicky fish. Featuring premium components throughout, it starts with a 2.5” stainless steel dropper arm that is ready to accept your favorite weight and keep it secure. In addition to the stainless steel arm, the rig includes a one-piece solid ring connected to a premium rolling swivel that allows the bait to move freely with a natural flowing and undulating action, while also helping to prevent any line twist.

The forged hook includes a wide gap, long shank, and offset point to effectively accommodate most of your favorite soft plastics in a seamless presentation. To help maximize the life of your plastics VMC included an adjustable fluorocarbon keeper that securely holds your worms and other baits without damaging them. As effective as it is versatile, the VMC Tokyo Rig Finesse Neko Rig pairs with an endless range of finesse plastics and allows anglers to explore just as many types of terrain.

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