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Designed to be the best wide gap hook on the market, the VMC Wide Gap Bulk 25pk offers proven quality and a convenient bulk packaging that makes it a must-have for serious anglers. Built with a wide gap and Z-neck construction, the VMC Wide Gap Bulk 25pk keeps soft plastics securely in place and makes for effortless weedless rigging.

Built with a smooth epoxy resin over the eyelet, the VMC Wide Gap Bulk 25pk prevents line from slipping or becoming damaged. Made using the signature 3-degree offset design, the VMC Wide Gap Bulk 25pk delivers the same excellent hook sets that anglers have come to expect from VMC hooks. For anglers who fish often, the VMC Wide Gap Bulk 25pk is a no-brainer.

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1/0 25pk, 2/0 25pk, 3/0 25pk, 4/0 25pk, 5/0 25pk


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