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Designed with the help of 2003 Bassmaster Classic Champion and 2006 Angler of the Year, Michael “Ike” Iaconelli, the VMC “Ike Approved” Wacky Hooks feature an extra wide gap and rounder shape that allows you to easily wacky rig your soft plastics. A wider bite also means a better hookup ratio to help you maximize every strike. Ike shared several of the tricks and tweaks that tournament pros have used for years to put winning fish in the boat, and applied them to this hook, like the smooth epoxy resin that seals the hook eye to prevent line from slipping through or sustaining unnecessary damage. Also featuring a turned down eye for a better presentation, the VMC “Ike Approved” Wacky Hooks are the product of 200 years of hook making experience and decades of tournament experience.

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4 6pk, 2 6pk, 1 6pk, 1/0 6pk, 2/0 6pk, 3/0 6pk, 4/0 6pk


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