Sunline Defier D-Braid Braided Fishing Line 131yds


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Designed by on the best finesse anglers of all time, Morizo Shimizu, the Sunline Defier D-Braid Braided Fishing Line was specifically developed to use on spinning reels and work in tandem with Sunline’s Defier D-Leader Fluorocarbon Line. It’s constructed with a core-sheath structure to provide a little stiffness to help prevent tangles and wind knots commonly associated with braided lines, while maintaining a suppleness for easy casting with spinning equipment. It also features a higher specific gravity, making it sink in the water unlike most braided lines on the market, which gives you a more direct line of contact with your lure for increased sensitivity and better bite detection.

Super smooth and quite coming through the guides, the Sunline Defier D-Braid Braided Fishing Line features improved surface texture that not only makes it smooth but also prevents fuzz and fraying from knot tying or contacting structure. The unique fibers will also not absorb water like other braided lines to maintain optimal performance at all times. Offered in a highly visible pink color that works great in all conditions, the Sunline Defier D-Braid Braided Fishing Line delivers unbeatable performance for finesse spinning rod techniques.

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7lb 0.0047 0.121
9lb 0.0052 0.132
11lb 0.0060 0.153
13lb 0.0067 0.171
15lb 0.0074 0.187
19lb 0.0082 0.209

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