Strike King Rage Baby Bug


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A smaller version of the ultra-popular Rage Bug, the Strike King Rage Baby Bug is the answer for those bass that would prefer a finesse presentation.  Perfect for finesse flipping, finesse jigs, finesse Texas rigs, and finesse Carolina rigs the Rage Baby Bug will be a vital asset for any anglers’ tackle box.

The Strike King Rage Baby Bug includes a compact, streamlined body that allows it to slip in and out of tiny holes in cover, and its precise composition and ribbing allow it to produce the classic crawfish glide that bass can’t resist.  The Strike King Rage Baby Bug includes small appendages that will put offf a huge amount of commotion in the water with the one-of-a-kind Rage Tail technology. If you’ve caught the fire out of them on your cricket, and they stop eating it, put on a smaller cricket and see what happens!

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3″ 9

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