Strike King KVD HC Squarebill Silent Crankbait


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Kevin VanDam used the Strike King KVD HC Crankbait in Black Back Chartruese en route to winning the 2011 Bassmaster Classic on the Louisiana Delta. It was KVD’s fourth Classic title, tying him with legendary professional angler Rick Clunn for the most ever Classic titles. He used both the 1.5 and the 2.5, but it was the Strike King KVD HC Crankbait 1.5 in Black Back Chartruese that was the deal, and the bait he credits with catching the majority of his big fish.

Legendary professional bass angler, Kevin VanDam, spent a considerable amount of time designing and fine tuning the Strike King KVD HC Square Bill Silent Crankbait.  He wanted to ensure that it had the right erratic action with the wandering and searching motions that he needed to entice those shallow bass.  The square bill design also helps it generate lively deflections off cover and reach its desired depth quickly.  Available in several proven colors, the Strike King KVD HC Square Bill Silent Crankbait delivers proven performance, and is also silent (no rattles) for those times when the fish are heavily pressured or just plain spooky.

KVD recently used the Strike King KVD HC Square Bill Silent Crankbait en route to claiming his 3rd consecutive Angler of the Year title (7th overall) by winning the 2nd leg of the 2010 Bassmaster Elite Series Postseason at the Alabama River.  He ended up catching the majority of his fish throughout the two-day event on the Strike King KVD HC Square Bill Silent Crankbait in the Sexy Shad pattern.

Strike King Length Weight Depth
KVD HC 1.0 2″ 1/4oz 2-4ft
KVD HC 1.5 2-1/4″ 3/8oz 3-6ft
KVD HC 2.5 2-3/4″ 5/8oz 3-6ft

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Black Back/Chart, Blue Craw, Bluegill, Brown Craw, Bully, Chart Blue Black Splatterback, Chart Perch, Chart Shad, Chartreuse Rootbeer, Chartreuse Sexy Shad, Chili Craw, Chrome Sexy Shad, Citrus Shad, Clear Sexy Shad, Clearwater Minnow, DB Craw, Delta Red, Firetiger, Gizzard Shad, Gold Sexy Shad, Green Gizzard Shad, Green Pump Craw, Green Tomato, KVD Cataouatche Special, MM Caramel Apple Shiner, MM Copper Nose Shad, MM Moongill, MM Pineapple Smash, MM Sexy Rock Star, Natural Bream, Natural Shad, Neon Bluegill, Nude, Olive Shad, Orange Bream, Org Belly Craw, Oyster, Phantom Perch, Phantom Watermelon Red Craw, Powder Blue Back Char, Purple Freak Show, Red Sexy Shad, Sam Rayburn Red Craw, Sexy Blue Back Herring, Sexy Ghost Minnow, Sexy Shad, Sexy Sunfish, Sugar Daddy, Summer Sexy Shad, Sunrise Sexy Shad, Tennessee Shad, The Shizzle, TN Shad 2.0, Wicked, Wicked Firetiger, Yellow Perch


1.0, 1.5, 2.5


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