Strike King HC KVD Sexy Dawg Hard Knock


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Following in the path of the original Sexy Dawg, the Strike King HC KVD Sexy Dawg Hard Knock will walk its way into your proven selection of Strike King top water lures.  The Sexy Dawg Hard Knock includes a specially designed rattle chamber to emit a deep, knocking sound that has become very popular among bass anglers.

The Strike King KVD Sexy Dawg Hard Knock comes in a variety of colors, most of which you have seen across all of your other favorite Strike King hard baits.  The shape of the KVD Sexy Dawg Hard Knock was designed to be exactly the same size and shape as the original Sexy Dawg, bass love it, why change it.

If you’re looking for an affordable tool with a little extra sound to add to yourtop water arsenal, the Strike King Sexy Dawg Hard Knock is a lure you’ll want to have in your line-up.

Strike King Length Weight
Sexy Dawg Hard Knock 4-1/2″ 5/8oz

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Black Lab, Bluegill, Bone, Bully, Carolina Chrome, Chrome Sexy Shad, Green Gizzard Shad, Natural Shad, Oyster, Sexy Ghost Minnow, Sexy Shad, The Shizzle, TN Shad 2.0


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