Strike King Hack Attack Pad Perch


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The brainchild of Elite Series angler and heavy cover specialist, Greg Hackney, the Strike King Hack Attack Pad Perch delivers a lifelike panfish imitation that is built to explore the thickest cover imaginable. The product of round after round of modification, the Strike King Hack Attack Pad Perch features a precisely tapered nose that allows it to slide over heavy grass and timber with outstanding efficiency.

Fitted with a super long rubber skirt, the Strike King Hack Attack Pad Perch can be feverishly marched over vegetation to draw knee-jerk reaction strikes, or meticulously crawled to encourage lethargic predators. Backed by a super-strong double frog hook, the Strike King Hack Attack Pad Perch has been carefully refined, rigorously tested, and proven by one of the best in the business when it comes to fishing cover.

Length Weight
5-1/4″ 1/2oz


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Black Shadow, Bluegill, Bone, Bottoms Up, Calico Perch, Chartreuse Gill, Green Pumpkin Gill, Leopard Perch, Natural Blue, Natural Chartreuse, Natural Gold, Natural Green, Natural Shad, Pumpkinseed, Rotten Banana, Sexy Bluegill, Shad Spawn, Warmouth, White Shadow


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