SPRO RkCrawler DD50 Crankbait


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The latest expansion on the wildly popular RkCrawler series, the SPRO RkCrawler DD50 Crankbait takes the downsized version of the plug and plunges it to all new depths. Meticulously designed and developed by Elite Series pro, Mike McClelland, the RkCrawler DD50 relies on the same incredible wobbling hunting action as the original, but this downsized version is capable of targeting bass holding off the bank in the 9- to 12-foot depth range of the water column. Setting itself ahead of the pack, it is built with an innovative body shape and bill design that work in tandem to create erratic deflections and trigger aggressive reaction strikes.

In addition to the impressive action and compact profile, the SPRO RkCrawler DD50 Crankbait dives out of the packaging outfitted with top quality components to enhance performance in the water. Hanging from the body are powerfully strong split rings that anchor the industry-leading Gamakatsu Round Bend Treble Hooks which aid in optimizing hook-up ratios. Available in a range of tournament-proven colors, the SPRO RkCrawler DD50 Crankbait is an ideal solution to the challenge of targeting fish keyed in on smaller forage.

SPRO Length Weight Depth
RkCrawler 50DD 2” 1/2oz 9’-12’

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Clear Gill, Electric Red Craw, Ghost Orange Craw, Green Craw, Natural Brown Craw, Olive Craw, Ozark Craw, Phantom Brown, Phantom Green, Red Bug, Red Craw, Spring Craw


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